PRIVATE CRYPTOCURRENCIES: How to Buy, Own, and Use Non-KYC Bitcoin Like a True Radical




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Your bank accounts are frozen, as is your crypto in that online exchange you trusted. You must flee the country with only what you carry. Gold and cash can be confiscated and computers can be searched. You cross the world and find a public computer, download a single program, and type from memory a sequence of twelve words. You now have access to a stash of bitcoin—unattached to your identity—tucked away for just this scenario, and the knowledge to use it anywhere in the world.

Cryptocurrencies are the ultimate exit strategy for inflation, social collapse, and other disasters. But only if you acquire and use them correctly, which 99% of people fail to do. And only if you understand what Bitcoin actually is. Bitcoin is not a stock. It’s not an online account. And it’s not a physical device. In its rare actual (and purely digital) form it is the most self-sovereign financial tool you can imagine. In this five-module course privacy consultant Gabriel Custodiet explains step-by-step multiple ways to legally buy bitcoin with no attachment to personal information: non-KYC bitcoin. He then explains how to actually own it, how to use it, protect it and convert to other crypto for speculation or added privacy. The course doubles as a “Bitcoin 101” class and includes everything you need to understand this process from A to Z. No prior knowledge required.

As authorities crack down on cryptocurrencies it is critical to have up-to-date, tested methods for private Bitcoin. There is much confusion about this process. The aim of this course is first to correct the damaging false narratives (by many Bitcoin advocates no less) about what Bitcoin is, and then to show you how to use a purely digital asset to its radical potential. No confusing tech vocabulary. No idealism. No hacker-level computer skills. Only the focused steps to teach you how to make the most radical personal finance decision of your life.


Gabriel Custodiet is the author of a best-selling privacy guide and host of The Watchman Privacy Podcast. He has been living and testing a pure privacy lifestyle for several years.

Joshua Sheats is the host of Radical Personal Finance, which has been downloaded tens of millions of times, and a consultant for high-net-worth individuals. He actively travels the world in search of freedom-respecting jurisdictions for living and for business.



  • Step-by-step video tutorial This course was designed for a lay audience, beginning with a basic understanding of bitcoin, laying out how a self-custodial wallet works, and ultimately discussing various methods for how to acquire, use, protect, and transport cryptocurrency.
  • Bonus #1! Included in this course is a digital privacy tutorial of several hours long that will show you how to properly set up your computer for private engagement.
  • Bonus #2! This course also includes a sizable PDF of Gabriel Custodiet’s recommended crypto services, wallets, websites, books, and podcasts: invaluable crypto resources collected through hundreds of hours of study on the topic.



Module 1: Bitcoin and its Dangers

1.     What is Bitcoin?
2.     What Bitcoin is not
3.     How does one own bitcoin?
4.     Why acquire private bitcoin?
5.     Investing vs acquiring
6.     Basic privacy dangers of bitcoin
7.     KYC dangers
8.     Bitcoin’s enemies in privacy
9.     Other Bitcoin privacy considerations

Module 2: Acquire it Privately

1.     Setting up a self-custodial wallet
2.     Sparrow Wallet tutorial
3.     Bitcoin ATMs
4.     Person-to-person transactions
5.     Bitcoin mining (an overview)
6.     Receiving for business/donation

Module 3: Own it Privately

1.     What does bitcoin ownership actually mean?
2.     Protecting your seed phrase
3.     CoinJoin whirlpooling
4.     Hardware wallets
5.     Coldcard tutorial
6.     Running a full node (an overview)

Module 4: Use it Privately

1.     Coin control
2.     Rules of bitcoin use
3.     Phone/mobile wallets
4.     Getting out of bitcoin
5.     Transporting bitcoin

Module 5: Other Crypto + Unregulated Exchanges

1.     Bitcoin superiority?
2.     Monero
3.     Acquisition of other crypto
4.     Exodus Wallet
5.     Non-KYC exchanges
6.     Day trading crypto