Watchman Privacy HACKPROOF Course




HACKPROOF: How to Beat Fraudsters, Prevent Identity Theft, and Say Goodbye to Cybercrime

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You log in to your banking app to discover an unknown deduction. You receive an email about a reset password that you know you did not reset. You start to receive physical mail about strange bills that have not been paid. Such are the harrowing signs of account hacking and identity theft, which costs the average person hundreds per year and whose psychological effects can be compared to experiencing active wartime.

Nor is anyone exempt. The $10 trillion global cybercrime industry preys on the young as well as the old; computer professionals and amateurs; the poor and the wealthy. The only people who resist are those who spend some time to understand how cybercrime works and act with the correct tools and mindset. That is the path toward digital peace-of-mind, and that is what we teach in this course.

In just under four hours we show you how to lock down your digital life with minimal effort. We teach you all of the basics: password management, two-factor authentication, credit freezes, secure payment, proper disposal of documents, and how to recognize fraud. We also teach less common tactics, from choosing unhackable email providers to protection from the most common identity thieves: guests, employees, and even your own family. Most importantly, we teach you how to make these tools and mindsets a permanent part of your daily life.

The cost of ignorance in our digitally-driven world is severe: your wealth and health are at stake. Join cybersecurity consultant Gabriel Custodiet for a transformative four-part class that exposes you to the twisted world of cyber criminality; for only by understanding how it works and how to conquer it will you progress to your goal of becoming HACKPROOF.



  • Four-hour comprehensive course: By the end of this course you will have learned dozens of techniques to lock down your digital life against hacking and identity theft. Computer beginners are welcome.
  • Bonus! Included in this course is a five-page PDF checklist of the 25 most important steps to take to make yourself HACKPROOF, including your financial accounts. This document itself can save you massive headaches.



Session 1: First Five Steps

  • Organising your digital life
  • Password management
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Credit report management

Session 2: Next-Level Strategies

  • Stop giving out information
  • Prune social media accounts
  • Remove yourself from people search websites
  • Take identity theft precautions
  • Protect your email
  • Financial HACKPROOFing

Session 3: Physical & Phone

  • Enact physical security
  • Dispose of things properly
  • Travel carefully
  • Favor offline versus online solutions
  • Protect your home internet
  • Protect your phone
  • Protect your phone number

Session 4: The Final Tune-Up

  • Recognise scams
  • Practice resetting your devices
  • Use Veracrypt
  • Plant your flags
  • HACKPROOF your business
  • Keep to a schedule
  • Final bits and bobs